A Piece of Heaven on Earth


The world we live in isn’t fair. The world we live in isn’t non-judgemental. The world we live in isn’t perfect. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In your small circle of acquaintances, your friends and family, you can make a difference. You can make changes in your community which, in turn, may generate greater change that can send shockwaves through the country and maybe even the world.

From a discussion I was having earlier today I realised that there is a lot on earth that is wrong, or that isn’t quite right. It’s no good just having the thoughts about the injustice in the world though. Action needs to be taken.

We can start with small steps, baby steps to changing wider attitudes and ideas.

In a world where so many people are marginalised, exploited or forgotten, we need to be inclusive. Inclusive of everyone, not just those who we want to include.

Yes, society may shun those who do not conform to their codes. Those who do not fit into the confining boxes that are prescribed for us. But we can love and care for these people, we can show them what unconditional love means.

If these people disgust you, if they seem to be morally wrong or feigning incapability, just remember that you don’t know their situation and, more importantly, God loves them for who they are. He loves them at that time and that moment, no matter what they are doing or not doing, how they are feeling or not feeling.

In Heaven, these people will be standing alongside you to receive the many blessings God plans to bestow on His children. To Him, they are not outsiders or outcasts. He will welcome them with open arms and you will be doing so too, another member of your family has arrived in Heaven to enjoy eternal life.

So if you’re going to be welcoming these people in Heaven, if you’re going to accept them as part of your family in Christ, why don’t you accept them right now, here on Earth?

We should accept people for who they are now, on Earth, and show them love and kindness as we would a friend or neighbour. Society may work against them but we need to step out, take matters into our own hands and make sure the people who are marginalised or exploited feel included and cared for. Love your neighbour as yourself means love everyone, just like Jesus did.

And my final message from this, the one point I want you to take away?

We’ll all be together in Heaven, accepted by God and each other, so why wait for this unity? Accept everyone here on Earth and we can help make the vision of Heaven on Earth a reality.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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