Challenge: Let God Be In Control


In the church service today, the talk focused on how we are sons and daughters of Christ and at the end, as a conclusion, the preacher summed up the main ways to be more like the ‘perfect’ son or daughter which we will be when we get to heaven.One of the ways was to become more intimate with God and those around us and another was to have greater freedom through Christ, not living to specific rules or trying to be in complete control of your life.

This really challenged me as I struggle to build relationships with others and am not very close to anyone, except my sister. Also, I plan a lot; I have endless to-do lists and am very aware of when all my deadlines are and the things I need to / want to get done. I like having control and setting rules and activities for each day.

So this week, despite a number of deadlines looming, I am going to try not to make any more lists of what I need to do, I am not going to plan each day in the minutest detail and I am not going to panic over all I have to finish before the deadlines.

Instead, I am going to try and let God be in control. I am going to let Him guide my days and, through Him, I hope everything can still be done on time and to the best of my ability.

This prospect does scare me as I feel that I rely on lists and plans a lot but I also think I need to take action to let God be the one I glorify in everything and so that I can grow closer to Him.

I will post again next week to see how well I got on. It is a big challenge but I’m ready for it, and with God beside me, I believe anything is possible.


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