I have been to Bakewell twice before; once on a geography field trip to investigate rebranding (what fun A-Level Geography was!) and once with my family. I was excited to visit again as it has lovely countryside and the town is very cute, especially with Christmas decorations everywhere.

Despite not feeling that well, I still decided I would go for the walk because it would be fun, relaxing and an escape from the essay deadlines which were awaiting me the next day.

The walk I did started at Baslow, near a little shop selling sweets from jars, something old-fashioned but very appealing to someone in love with history! We immediately began to walk through part of Chatsworth Park, passing by the house which was very impressive and ornate. The scaffolding did slightly distract attention from the house itself but it was still magnificent.

Then we continued, heading past some interesting buildings and lots of grassy fields, towards the small village of Beeley and then another little village called Rowsley. We ascended a fairly steep path through Rowsleymoor Wood, there were lots of trees but none had leaves on so it did not feel like a wood. It’s strange how different nature is in the wintertime compared to the summertime.

We kept climbing to reach the Nine Ladies stone circle before starting to descend gradually. We passed a number of old quarries which had filled up with water; some of the water was grey and dull but a couple were aquamarine, making them look appealing to swim in, even though that would have been dangerous as many signs warned us.

We passed through Haddon Park on the way to Bakewell and walked along a scenic section of the River Wye although the approaching sunset meant that a lot of the scenery was becoming obscured by darkness.

On our return to Bakewell we had a brief wander through the town, finding the traditional Bakewell Pudding shop and treating ourselves to a pudding.

My Mum loves Bakewell tarts so I made sure that I got one for her!

It was a long walk and very tiring; the coach journey back was long enough to rest and renew my energy for the short walk home once the coach arrived back in Nottingham and to get myself something to eat.

I was glad I had gone and now I am looking forward to next year and another array of walks to experience.



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