Motor biking


In the last couple of months I have become interested in the prospect of trying out motor biking.

It looks fun; easier to travel on than a normal bike where you have to exert a lot of energy to cover a substantial distance and more exhilarating due to the higher speeds and greater freedom you can have.

I have never wanted to drive a car but a motor bike seems different, and it will mean I can explore more of Britain by myself without having to rely on buses and trains.

I was a little apprehensive when I set out on the morning of my first basic tutorial session; I didn’t know what to expect, what the instructors would be like, whether I’d like it and also, whether I’d be any good at it.

But I was pleasantly surprised!

It was amazing! Once I’d been given the necessary kit, (a jacket, a pair of trousers, a pair of gloves and a helmet), I was ready to go. I was using a Suzuki GN125 bike, a red one which automatically looked aesthetically pleasing to me!

The instructor showed me the different parts of the bike which I would need to know for the session. Details about the clutch, throttle, gears, brakes, stand, ignition and more flooded into my brain and, although it was a lot of information to absorb, it seemed to make sense.

I began by learning to take off, letting the clutch out until the bike gradually began to move forward of its own accord. It was exciting to change the speed by using either the throttle or the clutch. I also learnt how to stop and practiced starting and stopping for a while, going in circles around the car park.

I then did a range of fun activities which meant I could get used to how the bike worked and felt.

My favourite was the cone slalom where I went round five cones, (on an undulating hill!), and back again. It was difficult to master but I think I made a decent attempt.

The instructor seemed to be impressed with my U-turn as well which I just made when I didn’t make a corner. Apparently, lots of people find that difficult to do! The manoeuvre I did seemed like common sense to me though.

I am looking forward to going back to the school for another basic training session; it was slightly scary at times and I’m not sure I’ve quite got the hang of it yet but it was exhilarating and enjoyable so I definitely want to take it up seriously and get better.

One day soon, I hope,  I can be a proper biker!




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