Now, for many years I have made New Year’s Resolutions and, like a vast majority of the population, they are often forgotten or scrapped by the end of January.

At primary school, we were always made to decorate a leaf and write a New Year’s Resolution on it which is partly why I have continued to make them; it became a routine.

However, this year is going to be different.

Now, I know that it is already the end of January but, with all the exams I’ve had and other things I’ve been thinking about, I haven’t got round to posting this piece!

I have decided that I am not going to make New Year’s Resolutions like the ones which people traditionally seem to make such as to lose weight, get fit, become more organised or save more money.

I am aiming to have some ideas in mind that I want to try to carry out some time soon.

So, I am saying that over the next few years I will:

  1. Try motorcycling
  2. Visit Ireland, more specifically the museum about the Titanic
  3. Knit a pair of socks
  4. Bake and decorate a large gingerbread house
  5. Travel around the UK to places of historic and cultural interest
  6. Trust God more and let Him be in control more

I don’t mind if they don’t happen in the next few years and I’m not worried about breaking a resolution as they are all positive and cannot really be broken.

I was recently reminded of a quote from a John Lennon song, ‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’, and this made me think about all the things I was interested in and wanted to do which has helped to formulate the basis of these ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.

Hopefully I can stop thinking and planning intensively and actually just go out and experience life. We aren’t on this planet for long so we should make the most of the wonders which are surrounding us.


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