The Knitted Octopus


My Grandma got a free knitting pattern booklet in a magazine recently and, as she is not really very interested in knitting anymore, she gave it to me because she knew I enjoyed knitting.

There were three patterns in the booklet; an octopus, a whale and a starfish. As I was feeling adventurous and wanted to try something different I opted for the octopus although when I got to the legs I began to regret my choice! Knitting eight legs resulted in getting tangled up in wool and knitting a lot!

So if you decide to make this octopus, please bear that in mind.

The Pattern:


Cast on 6 sts using 4 mm needles and a dark blue yarn.

Row 1: (Right Side) Knit

Row 2 (and all following wrong side rows): Purl

Row 3: Knit front back (Kfb) across all stitches [12 sts]

Row 5: *Kfb, K1; repeat from * to end [18 sts]

Row 7: *Kfb, K2; repeat from * to end [24 sts]

Row 9: *Kfb, K3; repeat from * to end [30 sts]

Rows 11-14: Work in stockinette stitch (knit 1 row, purl one row)

Row 15: K30, place stitch marker on the 13th and 17th stitches to indicate where the eyes will go

Rows 17-24: Beginning with a right side (knit) row, work in stockinette stitch

Row 25: *K1, k2together; repeat from * to end [20 sts]

Row 27: K4, *Kfb, K3; repeat from * to end [24 sts]



Row 29: Kfb, K1, turn, place the remaining 21 sts onto a stitch holder

Continue knitting on the 5 sts as follows:

Row 30: Purl

Rows 31-50: Work in stockinette stitch

Row 51: Skpo (slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over), K1, K2tog [3 sts]

Row 53: Knit

Row 55: K1, K2tog [2 sts]

Change to a light blue yarn.

Row 57: K1, Kfb [3 sts]

Row 59: (Kfb) twice, K1 [5 sts]

Rows 61-82: Work in stockinette stitch

Row 83: Skpo, K3, K2tog [3 sts]

Place these 3 stitches on a second stitch holder to be worked on again later.

Take the stitch holder with 21 sts on and transfer the next 3 onto your working needle.

Repeat rows 29-83 to form the second octopus leg, putting the last three stitches onto the second stitch holder with the other finished leg.

Repeat this process until all eight legs have been knitted.



Place the 24 sts of octopus leg ends from the second stich holder onto the working needle.

Re-join the dark blue yarn.

Row 1: *K1, K2tog; repeat from * to end [16 sts]

Row 3: (K2tog) to the end [8 sts]

Row 5: (K2tog) to the end [4 sts]

Cut the yarn, thread a tapestry needle and thread the yarn through the remaining 4 sts, pull tightly to finish off.



Use toy eyes or black wool to put the eyes onto the octopus face where you put the scrap yarn markers when knitting the body.

Use brown or dark red yarn to embroider a little smile on the octopus face just below the right eye.

Sew from the cast on edge (top of head) down to the leg split.

Stuff with a small amount of toy stuffing.

Place each leg together with wrong sides facing, this means one side of the leg is dark blue and one side light blue. Sew up the leg seams, making sure they aren’t twisted.

If necessary, add more stuffing before sewing up the re-joined underneath section of the octopus.


This is fairly simple but fiddly. I hope you enjoy making the octopus and that you or someone special is able to delight in it.




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