Goyt Valley

The Goyt Valley, situated on the western edge of the Peak District is the site of beautiful reservoirs, peaks of Shining and Cats Tor, rocky edges and the River Goyt. It sounds wonderful and very picturesque.

Indeed, I am sure that it is a lovely area when the sun is shining and the sky is clear. I definitely felt happy and enjoyed the how the countryside in the Goyt Valley felt.

Yet heavy rain, low cloud, cold temperatures and a strong wind meant that the scenery was obscured from view and spirits were soon dropping as everyone got blown about and soaked to the skin.

By the end of the walk the rain had seeped into every item of my clothing and it wasn’t until I had had a hot shower, eaten hot food and curled up under some blankets that I got properly warm again.

Beginning with a steady ascent up to the high point of Shining Tor, there was potential for some amazing views. The path meant that there was limited levels of mud and boggy ground which makes a change from many walks I’ve been on! But there was already strong wind and rain so the views were limited to cloud and the outline of hillsides.

We continued along Cats Tor before passing through a lot of forest and completing Foxlow Edge on the way down to the dam at Errwood Reservoir.

There was an exciting yet scary moment when the wind picked up force and many of our group could barely move forwards, the pressure was so strong. It’s amazing to see how powerful the wind can be.

Then we climbed Long Hill, the last vantage point before hiking beside the River Goyt. As it was still raining the view was blurry and grey but, with the use of some imagination, it was evident that it would look fantastic in better weather.

I would love to go back to the Goyt Valley for another walk, preferably in improved weather conditions. It was a lovely, peaceful and beautiful place which truly allowed you to connect with nature and find mental, if not physical, rest.


2 thoughts on “Goyt Valley

  1. Goyt valley is indeed a very pleasant walk when the sun is shining. However in and around Buxton that is far and few between – 3 months of winter and 9 months of rain.

    There are plenty of other wonderful walks, and the Peaks are a very beautiful area. You should definitely get exploring there a little!


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