Girl ♥ Girl


Girl Heart Girl is a book which gives a detailed narrative of Lucy Sutcliffe’s life during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Sutcliffe has already made a number of films which she has posted on YouTube which detail parts of her life, especially the joys and trials of a long-distance relationship.

The reader learns about the personal journey that Sutcliffe has been on throughout her life. There are the usual ups and downs of life that most of us will experience whilst we grow up due to the human nature of family and friends and the fact that nobody is perfect. There are also many musings about romance, relationships and sexuality.

Sutcliffe writes that she never really fancied guys like her friends did, despite trying to fit in and act as if she did. Crushes on boys never seemed to be the way they were in books or films for her. At the age of fourteen Sutcliffe realised that she was gay although at first she did not want to admit it because society was not largely accepting.

Eventually she came out to her friends and family who were all very supportive. Their attitudes towards her did not change and all Sutcliffe’s fears and anxieties about coming out seemed to be unfounded. Some people who Sutcliffe met during her years at university were less accepting and seemed not to want to be her friend once they found out but, for most people, sexuality didn’t make a difference in regards to friendship.

Sutcliffe met her girlfriend Kaelyn online, through a blog that Kaelyn regularly wrote and which Sutcliffe enjoyed to read. The romantic relationship between these two has been documented in short films and montages and, through the use of YouTube, has inspired many others who have similar feelings about their sexuality.

I love this book because it shows the raw emotions and feelings of what it is like to experience love differently to most of the people around you and it has really helped me to understand how people feel love and romance whilst also opening my eyes to the realities of how a woman fancies a woman as well as how a woman fancies a man. Being asexual means I am not entirely familiar with these feelings and, having read this book, I feel even more certain that I am asexual.

I would encourage people to read this book to learn something new about sexuality, gain a better understanding and to learn more about accepting yourself for the way you are, no matter whether this is close to societal norms or very different.



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