To the girl I was

A poem ❤

To the girl I was

Just a short while ago,

The girl with the brave face

Who was drowning inside.


I want to tell you it was worth it,

To keep holding on,

Fighting to keep living your life

And not succumb to Rexi.


Looking at your photograph,

I feel tears welling up in my eyes.

I miss you, for some reason,

Despite the torment you suffered within.


You look like you’ve got it together

And I know things sort of felt like they were in control,

But I also know

That wasn’t really true.


I’m wearing rose tinted glasses,

Seeing happiness and contentment

Where there was pain, anguish and despair

And each day was full of challenges.


You are part of me but you’re in the past now,

I really should let go of you,

It’s time for me to move on

And show that you were right to keep holding on.


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