Chosen (1e)

In and Out

In and out, in and out

Lapping softly at my feet

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Mental Health: A Biblical Perspective

biblementalhealthReflection on a talk by Pete Dray

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Chosen (1d)

Dominic was in our house. Dominic? What was he doing here? I mean, he was a lovely guy, don’t get me wrong, but surely you wouldn’t come back to your girlfriends house after approximately eighteen months of no longer being an item. Soph would probably just get upset again and she was only just beginning to fully recover and move on. Mandy had said that Soph should, well, not exactly avoid Dominic, but that it would be for the best if she did not see him too often as this could provoke some difficulties for them both. Soph was fragile, like a butterfly newly emerged from its chrysalis and she needed protection. I crossed the hallway, walking quickly past the lounge and entering the kitchen where Mum was sitting. Continue reading “Chosen (1d)”

Chosen (1c)

I grabbed my school bag from my bedroom floor where I had left it the previous evening after finishing all of my homework. I ran downstairs and, as I was earlier than I had been the day before, I picked up two slices of bread and stuck them into the toaster. I got the strawberry jam out of the cupboard and made myself a strawberry jam toast sandwich and a mug of coffee. I sat at the table talking to Mum and Carla who were also having breakfast before giving them a quick hug, hurriedly saying ‘Goodbye ‘ to them and then rushing to school. I wanted to get there as soon as possible to find out if Tori had got any more information about going to see The Vaccines in the summer. I knew that we would have to book the tickets soon if we were going to be in with any chance of seeing their concert. Continue reading “Chosen (1c)”

Chosen (1a)

Part One: We are Dreamers

“We shouldn’t have done that.”

I stood staring at the path I had just taken. The sand running along the length of the beach was soft against my feet, the soles sinking deep into the sandy dunes. Behind me the sea lapped against the sand, the foam bubbling and frothing as it retreated with each wave as if it were trying to grasp hold of the smooth sand. Small green leafy bushes stood in front of me, blowing gently in the breeze and then more violently as the wind picked up, cutting through the air with a sharp hiss. The plants screened me from the train track which passed along the edge of the secluded beach. The rails were orange with rust and seemed dull as they did not sparkle in the sunlight as the rails near my house did. The sharp sheer cliff face behind the track snarled down on the beach and it felt imposing, as if I should not be there. As if I were an intruder. It would not have surprised me if the cliff face had started to scream at me for trespassing into its personal beach area. Continue reading “Chosen (1a)”

A Story

Believe it or not, I love to write.

And a few years ago I began writing a book. I planned it out meticulously and wrote the first book in, what I hoped would become, a three part series. However, with university and life catching up with me, I have only managed to write the first book and a tiny part of the second one. Continue reading “A Story”

Reflections on 2018

20182018. It has been quite a year. A year of thousands of different emotions. A year of learning, both academically and personally. A year of growing into a wiser, stronger person. A year which has been so challenging but so rewarding at the same time. Continue reading “Reflections on 2018”



It is only recently that I learnt that Peterloo was an important event in modern British history. And I am ashamed to say that, particularly as someone with a degree in history, I thought this was an event which had happened eighteenth century Russia, not nineteenth century England.

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