Pesto Spiral Scones

I love making scones and spiral scones are one of my new favourites. There are numerous fillings you can add but I have used green pesto. Continue reading “Pesto Spiral Scones”



LinneyLinney is a sixth generation, world-class, multichannel marketing services group.

That sounds quite complex and jargonistic. So, to put it more simply, they are a family business which uses numerous outlets like social media, newspapers, billboards and radio to market products or ideas for other companies. Continue reading “Linney”

Inside my Head

ed hopeI have written so much poetry over the past few years to release all the confusing emotions and sensations that I feel. When I read back over what I have written some of it is quite disturbing, very deep and dark. Yet there are a number of pieces which are comic or show joy. Continue reading “Inside my Head”

You have to eat

havetoeatIt’s tough. Really tough. Recently there have been so any times when I wonder if recovery is worth it.

It’s so difficult for others to understand. And I appreciate that, they haven’t got a voice in their head trying to control them and prevent them from eating. But it does make the fight seem so isolated and impossible in some ways. Continue reading “You have to eat”


authenticRecently at church, we were given a talk about community.

There are many different ways in which community can be defined. It all depends on the context that the term is being used in. The basis of the idea of community in the context of the church family is to live together, love together and accept each other for who we are. Continue reading “Authenticity”