I was thinking this morning, whilst I was walking to the university campus, about where I was this time last year. And I decided I wanted to write about something that my church youth leader suggested when I admitted that I was struggling with self-harm. Continue reading “Distractions”


Recovery (Part Two)

You still have to force yourself to do things in recovery. But they are more positive things compared to before. It’s when you aren’t feeling hungry but know that you need to eat because it is dinner time and if you don’t then you’re putting yourself at risk of slipping back into eating disorder routines. It’s when you don’t want to take time to relax because you need to reach your goals in your studies but you know that you need to because you’ll end up with no energy for getting through the rest of the day or week. Continue reading “Recovery (Part Two)”

A Battle to Move Forwards

I was planning to write a post on recovery, on the positives of caring for yourself and ensuring you don’t slip back into old habits. A post which celebrated the fact that the sirens which scream ‘ED, ED behaviour’ have been silent for so long. That I am gaining control of my life and my eating habits again.

However, I don’t feel as if I can write in that way right now. I’m slipping and it’s no good trying to see how far I’ve come when I feel like I’m still on the edge, on the tip where I could get better but I could tumble back down. Continue reading “A Battle to Move Forwards”