Social Media


Over the past few years social media has become hugely popular with a large number of the population. Across the whole world there are approximately three billion people who use some form of social media with over 500, 000 tweets and snaps being sent each minute. Continue reading “Social Media”


When life feels too much


…. Trigger Warning ….

This is a topic that I want to write on, something I want to get out of my system and to share but I am very aware that what I am going to say will be upsetting, maybe slightly scary and possibly a bit graphic at times.

Hopefully this will help break some of the stigma around suicide and help others understand the issues around it a bit more.

Please don’t read this if you’re feeling vulnerable or really low.

If any of the things I write about in this post do affect you then please contact a friend or relative or get in contact with one of the numbers below:

Saneline: 0300 304 7000 (4:30 pm – 10:30pm every day)

The Samaritans: 116 123


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Change – slow but sure

When life is tough, when it seems like a struggle to face each day, when it seems like things are at their very worst then I have to take the effort to recall that I am in a better place than I was earlier this year, that it is tough but I have made a lot of progress. Continue reading “Change – slow but sure”

One month on…

One month on from returning home after Soul Survivor.
One month on from experiencing a huge amount of healing in regard to my mental health, especially anorexia.
One month on from moving to a new city to start a new job and a new chapter of my life.

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Meal Planning

eatwellTo help with the restoration of normal eating, many therapists recommend following a meal plan. There are lots of articles and websites which offer sample meal plans yet they are all so different. It is difficult to know what you should be doing. Continue reading “Meal Planning”

Soul Survivor 2018: Transformations

soulsurvivor18The week I spent at Soul Survivor (2018) has been transformational.

So much has happened in the past week. Indeed, this time last week I could not imagine that I would feel like this, that it was even possible to feel like this. Continue reading “Soul Survivor 2018: Transformations”

Soul Survivor 2018: Poetry of Change

SS_2018_PromoSlide_weekBSoul Survivor week B was a life changing week for me. A lot happened and I am still slightly amazed by how extraordinary and awesome the stuff that occurred was and is. Continue reading “Soul Survivor 2018: Poetry of Change”