When Giant met Mouse

giantmouseI really enjoy writing poetry.

Recently I decided to have a look through some of the poems I have written over recent years. I found this one and it made me smile so I thought I would share it on here. Continue reading “When Giant met Mouse”


Soul Survivor 2018: Poetry of Change

SS_2018_PromoSlide_weekBSoul Survivor week B was a life changing week for me. A lot happened and I am still slightly amazed by how extraordinary and awesome the stuff that occurred was and is. Continue reading “Soul Survivor 2018: Poetry of Change”

Inside my Head

ed hopeI have written so much poetry over the past few years to release all the confusing emotions and sensations that I feel. When I read back over what I have written some of it is quite disturbing, very deep and dark. Yet there are a number of pieces which are comic or show joy. Continue reading “Inside my Head”