authenticRecently at church, we were given a talk about community.

There are many different ways in which community can be defined. It all depends on the context that the term is being used in. The basis of the idea of community in the context of the church family is to live together, love together and accept each other for who we are. Continue reading “Authenticity”


Escape from the past

contemplation-seasideI have a bible app on my phone called You Version which offers a number of bible reading plans for users to engage with.

Recently I have been doing one about getting past your past and I have found it really useful. Continue reading “Escape from the past”

Time well spent

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The Bible tells us that we should use our time wisely, making the most of the time that we have. When we are in between our years at university, we have long summers with little vital work to be done. And when we have a lot of free time it can be difficult to know how to use it well. Inevitably, there will be numerous days which we wish we had used better. Continue reading “Time well spent”


habakkuk.5Habakkuk 3: 1-19

This will be the last instalment on Habakkuk as the sermon series, and the book itself, come to an end. It has been an interesting study and one that I think it will be useful to return to regularly, particularly during difficult times. Continue reading “Habakkuk.5”


Image result for habakkuk 2:2-20Habakkuk 2:2-20

So, here we are again with Habakkuk. He’s almost beginning to feel a bit like an old friend and I must admit I was quite excited to go to church on Sunday despite the snow so that I could learn more about what Habakkuk tells us, and what the preacher was going to say about what Habakkuk tells us. Continue reading “Habakkuk.4”

Positivity in Struggles?

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Do you ever wonder why God puts humans through so much suffering? So much pain and struggle and heartbreak? Do you ever question if God can really be in this situation? If he really cares? Continue reading “Positivity in Struggles?”