The Thief

I saw a post on Instagram recently that got me thinking.

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Reflections on 2018

20182018. It has been quite a year. A year of thousands of different emotions. A year of learning, both academically and personally. A year of growing into a wiser, stronger person. A year which has been so challenging but so rewarding at the same time. Continue reading “Reflections on 2018”

Apple Puddings

These puddings are a twist on apple sponge and taste amazing. They can be served individually in small ramekin dishes or as a single bake in a large dish.

Using ground almonds instead of flour makes a real difference too, so light and autumnal!

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Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

bohemian rhapsodyBohemian Rhapsody. The film about the life of Freddie Mercury and the success of the band Queen.

I must admit that I didn’t really know anything about Freddie Mercury before I went to see this film. To be honest, I wasn’t even that bothered about seeing it but two friends were going to see it and they invited me to go as well. And I’m glad I did. Continue reading “Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody”

When life feels too much


…. Trigger Warning ….

This is a topic that I want to write on, something I want to get out of my system and to share but I am very aware that what I am going to say will be upsetting, maybe slightly scary and possibly a bit graphic at times.

Hopefully this will help break some of the stigma around suicide and help others understand the issues around it a bit more.

Please don’t read this if you’re feeling vulnerable or really low.

If any of the things I write about in this post do affect you then please contact a friend or relative or get in contact with one of the numbers below:

Saneline: 0300 304 7000 (4:30 pm – 10:30pm every day)

The Samaritans: 116 123


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“Anything Goes” Cookies

I came across this recipe when I had 75g of butter left and needed to use it up before I left my house at uni for the summer. I have made this recipe a few times and it makes very impressive cookies.

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hoodwinkedHoodwinked was a sculpture trail that came to Nottingham city centre over the summer in 2018. There were thirty-three robin sculptures placed around the city and each one was uniquely decorated. Most of them were bright and colourful too. Continue reading “Hoodwinked”


kindertransportA modern classic drama, Kindertransport has been on at Nottingham Playhouse for most of October 2018. I went to see it with a friend and we both really enjoyed it. It was historical yet relevant. The story was interesting and you were able to lose yourself in what was happening on the stage. Continue reading “Kindertransport”