Rocky Road Easter Muffins

I have had this recipe for a while and I have made them a couple of times.

But this time I baked with a friend. And we had a purpose – Easter treats for our team at work. All the comments were very positive so I’d definitely recommend that you try these.

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Exile 12


There were two major events which shaped Israel’s understanding of who they were. The first event was the exodus of the people and then the return to the Promised Land. The second event was the exile. Continue reading “Exile 12”

The Middle of Recovery

recoverThe middle of recovery is a tough place to be.

You have made a lot of progress from where you were when you first chose to embrace recovery and leave your eating disorder behind you.

You have overcome many challenges and won many battles. Continue reading “The Middle of Recovery”

Exile 10

exileIt is God’s desire to be close to us. He wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to know us, and for us to know Him, intimately. This is one of the key aspects of Christianity which makes it different to other faiths and religions. Continue reading “Exile 10”

Exile 9

exileEzekiel 37 is a turning point in this book of the Bible. It seems like the people have gone too far; they have disobeyed God too many times. It seems as if there can be no hope for them and that God cannot possibly give them another chance. Continue reading “Exile 9”


A lot of people have said that they found writing a letter to their eating disorder was helpful for moving forwards in recovery.

And so I have decided that I will try that and see if it has a positive effect on how I move forwards. Continue reading “Letters”

Exile 8

exileIt is very challenging to be in a position of leadership and this seems to be very true for some leaders at this moment in time. There are lots of pressures on how to act and whatever they do, not everyone will be satisfied. Continue reading “Exile 8”

Exile 7


It feels like our world is falling apart. It feels like there is very little hope for a brighter and better future. It doesn’t seem possible to feel any emotion other than negativity. But it is possible to live positively in times of crisis.

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Exile 6

exileWhen we face crises in our lives, it is natural to want to step in and do things our way, to take control of the situation and try to do our utmost to make everything better.

But in Jeremiah, we can find that this is not the best way to handle a crisis. It is more successful and fruitful to practice courageous obedience. Continue reading “Exile 6”