Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody

bohemian rhapsodyBohemian Rhapsody. The film about the life of Freddie Mercury and the success of the band Queen.

I must admit that I didn’t really know anything about Freddie Mercury before I went to see this film. To be honest, I wasn’t even that bothered about seeing it but two friends were going to see it and they invited me to go as well. And I’m glad I did. Continue reading “Film Review: Bohemian Rhapsody”


Girl ♥ Girl


Girl Heart Girl is a book which gives a detailed narrative of Lucy Sutcliffe’s life during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Sutcliffe has already made a number of films which she has posted on YouTube which detail parts of her life, especially the joys and trials of a long-distance relationship. Continue reading “Girl ♥ Girl”