Beyond Hope


The Bible is full of stories of people who are a mess, who have problems, who don’t live the perfect life.

This is because God chooses the broken, the damaged, and the imperfect to do His will. He doesn’t use the people who have their life together and that is for one simple reason: no one has their life all sorted out, no matter what image you see from the outside. Continue reading “Beyond Hope”


My World, but not Yours

braveIt has been my world for so long.

It has been the thing I have focused on, obsessed over and found myself unable to stop being fixated on.

It has consumed me.

Now that I have started writing and talking about it, this has become more apparent to me. Continue reading “My World, but not Yours”

Recovery Realities

eating-disorder-recovery-copy-1213x640Eating disorders are very complex mental illnesses. Therefore, the recovery process is also very complex.

Today I want to discuss some things which no one talks about, the things that people in recovery often deal with alone and wonder if it is just them that experiences these things. Continue reading “Recovery Realities”

The Bright Sessions

bright sessions.jpgWhen my friend suggested a podcast series that I might enjoy, I was a little wary because I have not really listened to many podcasts and I don’t even listen to the radio that much.

I thought that having something a bit different to listen to whilst I was at work was a good idea though. Continue reading “The Bright Sessions”

Tabitha Farrar’s ‘Theory’

choose recoveryI want to figure out what my understanding of the things that Tabitha Farrar talks and writes about.

She advocates a theory that I had not heard before in relation to anorexia and other restrictive eating disorders.

It is about famine and migration. Continue reading “Tabitha Farrar’s ‘Theory’”

Podcasts for Learning

podcastsI think that I have always put value on education and learning things, partly because I enjoy it. However, recently I have come to realise that education is even more important.

Educating yourself about eating disorders and other mental health conditions is very important if you are going to fully embrace recovery. If you don’t have an understanding of them, then it will be difficult to engage in the treatment you are receiving and you may not take potential medical complications seriously. Indeed, you may not think that you actually have a problem or at least that it doesn’t need to be dealt with because you can live with it. Continue reading “Podcasts for Learning”



An eight week course designed to help people break free from eating disorders.

A friend from church gave me a leaflet about the course when we met for dinner one day. Then someone my Mum knew gave her a website to look at which led her to a find a link to Tastelife. And someone else from my church mentioned it spontaneously. So I decided maybe I should give the course a try. Continue reading “Tastelife”

Exile 12


There were two major events which shaped Israel’s understanding of who they were. The first event was the exodus of the people and then the return to the Promised Land. The second event was the exile. Continue reading “Exile 12”

Exile 10

exileIt is God’s desire to be close to us. He wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to know us, and for us to know Him, intimately. This is one of the key aspects of Christianity which makes it different to other faiths and religions. Continue reading “Exile 10”