Exile 4


Brexit is something new, something uncertain and something unclear. It is an unchartered time for us as a nation. We are not sure what to expect or what to hope for.

The people in the Bible had a similar experience of entering into unchartered times when they were exiled by the Babylonians. Continue reading “Exile 4”


Exile 3


Psalm 79 is described as a psalm of disorientation. It describes the devastation caused by invaders, the fear that God has abandoned his people and the uncertainty they have about continuing to trust in God. Continue reading “Exile 3”

Exile 2


So, it’s time for the next instalment on Exile.

There is an important question that we have to ask ourselves in order to understand more about the situations we find ourselves in. And it is this:

Am I responsible for what happens in my life?

In other words, should we be held accountable for our actions or should we class ourselves as victims of circumstance? Continue reading “Exile 2”


exile.jpgWe have now started a sermon series on Exile at church.

It ties into themes that are contemporary and relevant, especially with an uncertain future in terms of Brexit on the horizon.

And, although this series is designed with the wider circumstances of our lives as a people in mind, it seems that it can also be a very personal theme too. Continue reading “Exile”

Working Life

working life.jpg

It’s tough. Nine till five, five days a week. I have a lot of respect for people that manage to do this regularly. I suppose it’s a way of life though and after doing it for a while you adapt. Continue reading “Working Life”

Reflections on 2018

20182018. It has been quite a year. A year of thousands of different emotions. A year of learning, both academically and personally. A year of growing into a wiser, stronger person. A year which has been so challenging but so rewarding at the same time. Continue reading “Reflections on 2018”

Neurology and Anorexia

neurology anorexiaI listened to a podcast recently on a range of different health topics. One of the topics covered was quite interesting; it looked at the role of the brain in the development and perpetuation of anorexia. Continue reading “Neurology and Anorexia”


hoodwinkedHoodwinked was a sculpture trail that came to Nottingham city centre over the summer in 2018. There were thirty-three robin sculptures placed around the city and each one was uniquely decorated. Most of them were bright and colourful too. Continue reading “Hoodwinked”


kindertransportA modern classic drama, Kindertransport has been on at Nottingham Playhouse for most of October 2018. I went to see it with a friend and we both really enjoyed it. It was historical yet relevant. The story was interesting and you were able to lose yourself in what was happening on the stage. Continue reading “Kindertransport”