There are a number of activities which I do to try and relax, rest or stay calm.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it really depends on exactly how I am feeling.

One of my favourite things to do is colouring.

I have worked my way through quite a lot of colouring books in the last few years. My favourites are country village scenes or images which feature a lot of flowers.

I don’t really like the geometric patterns or images which appear in most of the mindfulness colouring books.

I have also enjoyed doing adult dot-to-dot colouring books as I can make the picture and then colour it in too. Extra fun!

I find that the act of colouring gives my brain something to focus on which distracts me from unwanted intrusive thoughts. It also gives me something to do with my hands. I have noticed that I seem to like having things to do with my hands – either knitting when I watch TV or twiddling a pen around in lectures and seminars.

The process of completing a picture is also satisfying and the final piece if often pretty and brings some joy, even if it is only for a short while.

You don’t need much to be able to enjoy the act of colouring which makes it even better as a way to relax. Some paper and colouring pencils are the only things required. If you’re food at drawing then you can create your own pictures to colour. If not, then there are numerous books in many shops and online which you can choose from.

It may seem like a hobby for children but honestly, you’re never too old to enjoy a good session of colouring!



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Sunbathing or Skills-gaining?

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Girl ♥ Girl


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