Chosen (2j)

The drama pieces had been filmed and looked so professional. Especially now that the beach setting was there too. And all of our interviews looked great. Everyone had been asked slightly different questions so that it didn’t feel repetitive. I couldn’t wait to see the finished programme. Alexander had asked some journalists and reporters to go out into the wider community to ask about the dreams and their responses to the dream saga. The replies were varied and surprising. It added a feel edge to the programme. We watched everything and commented on it to help the editing team out and to reassure Mark and Marcus that we loved all that they had done. Continue reading “Chosen (2j)”


Rocky Road Easter Muffins

I have had this recipe for a while and I have made them a couple of times.

But this time I baked with a friend. And we had a purpose – Easter treats for our team at work. All the comments were very positive so I’d definitely recommend that you try these.

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Exile 12


There were two major events which shaped Israel’s understanding of who they were. The first event was the exodus of the people and then the return to the Promised Land. The second event was the exile. Continue reading “Exile 12”

Chosen (2i)

That was an awesome act too. I was amazed at the talent the actors this television company had found. We all cheered and clapped as the three actors came back into the room. They sat down on the floor in front of our semi-circle and looked round at us. I noticed that Mark and Marcus gave them all smiles and encouraging nods.

“I’m Helena. And I’ve been assigned to play the part of Amelia Mitchell in the dream I re-enacted.” Said the girl from the first dream act. Continue reading “Chosen (2i)”

The American Civil War

american civil warThe American Civil War is an interesting yet relatively untaught subject. The curriculum means one can learn of twentieth century America but very rarely of the events that brought America to its present position and status as a superpower. Continue reading “The American Civil War”

Chosen (2h)

“We shouldn’t have done that.” A voice spoke from the depths of the room in a deep male tone.

“I stand staring at the path I have just taken. The sand running along the length of the beach is soft against my feet; the soles sink deep into the sandy dunes. Behind me the sea laps against the sand, the foam bubbling and frothing as it retreats with each wave as if it is trying to grasp hold of the smooth sand. Small green leafy bushes stand in front of me, blowing gently in the breeze. The plants screen me from the train track which passes along the edge of the secluded beach.” Continue reading “Chosen (2h)”

The Middle of Recovery

recoverThe middle of recovery is a tough place to be.

You have made a lot of progress from where you were when you first chose to embrace recovery and leave your eating disorder behind you.

You have overcome many challenges and won many battles. Continue reading “The Middle of Recovery”

Chosen (2g)

There were twelve seats within the main studio, each one with a name on. After scanning the semi-circle of chairs I found one saying ‘Mia’ so I went to sit on it. I was next to Evie, as Ivana had said she liked to be addressed, and Josef. Mark and Marcus sat down at the far edge of the semi-circle and began to whisper to each other, ignoring the rest of us so Josef and I began to talk to each other. I found out about his life in Russia and the grand-daughter he had planned to see this weekend and how he had had to postpone the visit to the following month. I was happy to listen to him; it seemed to keep him contented. After a while he turned to talk to George on his other side and I played with Evie. No one was sure why she liked this name instead of Ivana but we didn’t want to start an argument with a four year old. From experience I know that that doesn’t often go well! Continue reading “Chosen (2g)”

Exile 10

exileIt is God’s desire to be close to us. He wants to have a relationship with us. He wants to know us, and for us to know Him, intimately. This is one of the key aspects of Christianity which makes it different to other faiths and religions. Continue reading “Exile 10”