Stargazing: The Kings Chamber Orchestra


The Kings Chamber Orchestra are a group of professional Christian musicians who go on tour each winter to give performances. They are based in Jersey but come to London and the Home Counties (and Nottingham) to perform and share the joy of their music. Continue reading “Stargazing: The Kings Chamber Orchestra”


Social Media


Over the past few years social media has become hugely popular with a large number of the population. Across the whole world there are approximately three billion people who use some form of social media with over 500, 000 tweets and snaps being sent each minute. Continue reading “Social Media”

The First World War: 100 Years

poppyOne hundred years ago an armistice was called to bring an end to the Great War.

One hundred years ago fighting ceased with the hope that there would be no need for further conflict.

One hundred years ago almost a whole generation of men had been wiped out.

One hundred years ago, Britain was once again a place of safety for all who resided there. Continue reading “The First World War: 100 Years”


hoodwinkedHoodwinked was a sculpture trail that came to Nottingham city centre over the summer in 2018. There were thirty-three robin sculptures placed around the city and each one was uniquely decorated. Most of them were bright and colourful too. Continue reading “Hoodwinked”


kindertransportA modern classic drama, Kindertransport has been on at Nottingham Playhouse for most of October 2018. I went to see it with a friend and we both really enjoyed it. It was historical yet relevant. The story was interesting and you were able to lose yourself in what was happening on the stage. Continue reading “Kindertransport”

What is the point of fiction?

Discussion time …

The Oxford English Dictionary defines fiction as ‘prose literature, especially novels, describing imaginary events and people.’ An author of a piece of fiction, whether it be a novel, short story or poem, describes and invents whilst the reader acknowledges and absorbs the material of the authors’ imagination. This suggests that the point of fiction will differ between the author and the reader as the importance of invention and description will differ. The author Stephen King has said that ‘fiction is the truth inside the lie’ whilst a book lover in Clockwork Angel believes ‘words have the power to change us.’ These just show the beginnings of the point to fiction and the differences in the meaning of fiction for different people. Continue reading “What is the point of fiction?”

Freshers Week

NSU-Freshers-weekHere it is. The first blog post completed by a guest writer. And yes, maybe she is my sister but she is the first person I asked to write for this blog who has finished her article.

If you ever wanted to know about the realities of freshers week at university, read on. Continue reading “Freshers Week”



There are a number of activities which I do to try and relax, rest or stay calm.

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, it really depends on exactly how I am feeling.

One of my favourite things to do is colouring.

I have worked my way through quite a lot of colouring books in the last few years. My favourites are country village scenes or images which feature a lot of flowers.

I don’t really like the geometric patterns or images which appear in most of the mindfulness colouring books.

I have also enjoyed doing adult dot-to-dot colouring books as I can make the picture and then colour it in too. Extra fun!

I find that the act of colouring gives my brain something to focus on which distracts me from unwanted intrusive thoughts. It also gives me something to do with my hands. I have noticed that I seem to like having things to do with my hands – either knitting when I watch TV or twiddling a pen around in lectures and seminars.

The process of completing a picture is also satisfying and the final piece if often pretty and brings some joy, even if it is only for a short while.

You don’t need much to be able to enjoy the act of colouring which makes it even better as a way to relax. Some paper and colouring pencils are the only things required. If you’re food at drawing then you can create your own pictures to colour. If not, then there are numerous books in many shops and online which you can choose from.

It may seem like a hobby for children but honestly, you’re never too old to enjoy a good session of colouring!

Attenborough Nature Reserve

attenboroughI visited Attenborough Nature Reserve for the first time in 2016. On the day I visited it was pouring with rain and, although I had fun and enjoyed seeing the site, it could have been nicer. Continue reading “Attenborough Nature Reserve”

Bestwood Country Park

20180707_104227.jpgTrees. Birds. Squirrels. Nature.

My idea of heaven.

And that is why I decided to take a trip to explore a part of Nottingham that I had never visited before – Bestwood Country Park and the Mill Lakes. Continue reading “Bestwood Country Park”