LinneyLinney is a sixth generation, world-class, multichannel marketing services group.

That sounds quite complex and jargonistic. So, to put it more simply, they are a family business which uses numerous outlets like social media, newspapers, billboards and radio to market products or ideas for other companies. Continue reading “Linney”


Reflections on University

nottinghamToday I graduated from the University of Nottingham. The ceremony complete, I am now officially entering the world of work and adulthood. Continue reading “Reflections on University”


authenticRecently at church, we were given a talk about community.

There are many different ways in which community can be defined. It all depends on the context that the term is being used in. The basis of the idea of community in the context of the church family is to live together, love together and accept each other for who we are. Continue reading “Authenticity”

Time well spent

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The Bible tells us that we should use our time wisely, making the most of the time that we have. When we are in between our years at university, we have long summers with little vital work to be done. And when we have a lot of free time it can be difficult to know how to use it well. Inevitably, there will be numerous days which we wish we had used better. Continue reading “Time well spent”

Sunbathing or Skills-gaining?

Sunshine-Coast-BeachThe summer holidays. A time for long, lazy days in the sun. A time to relax with friends. A time to forget about all the wider trials and tribulations of getting a degree, and living a successful life after graduating.

But is this the reality? And should it be? Continue reading “Sunbathing or Skills-gaining?”


self-care-poster.jpgSelf-care is very important.

It is necessary to survive on Earth and it is something that many of us struggle with. All too often we bully ourselves to do things we do not want to do or even to do things which we need to do. Continue reading “Self-care”


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I was thinking this morning about a piece of coursework I’m currently working on for my special subject. I am looking at open and closed communities in rural Victorian England. The terms ‘open’ and ‘closed’ come from nineteenth century reports about rural communities and have been used by the historian Dennis Mills to create a model to assess the types of communities that existed in England during the Victorian era. Continue reading “Boxes”