self-care-poster.jpgSelf-care is very important.

It is necessary to survive on Earth and it is something that many of us struggle with. All too often we bully ourselves to do things we do not want to do or even to do things which we need to do. Continue reading “Self-care”



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I was thinking this morning about a piece of coursework I’m currently working on for my special subject. I am looking at open and closed communities in rural Victorian England. The terms ‘open’ and ‘closed’ come from nineteenth century reports about rural communities and have been used by the historian Dennis Mills to create a model to assess the types of communities that existed in England during the Victorian era. Continue reading “Boxes”

Free will?

people are peopleFree will is a concept that many struggle with, religious and non-religious alike. Do we choose how to act or is there some higher being, a force of nature which governs our every move? Now, I know that this is a question I am not really able to answer but I can try to shed some more light on the topic. Continue reading “Free will?”