Rocky Road Easter Muffins

I have had this recipe for a while and I have made them a couple of times.

But this time I baked with a friend. And we had a purpose – Easter treats for our team at work. All the comments were very positive so I’d definitely recommend that you try these.

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Apricot and Nut Crunchies

I like nuts and apricots a lot, so what better than finding a recipe that uses them both? This recipe comes from a book my Mum gave to me when she realised that she had two of the same book. I was looking through it to see if anything looked good and I came across these. Continue reading “Apricot and Nut Crunchies”

Apple Puddings

These puddings are a twist on apple sponge and taste amazing. They can be served individually in small ramekin dishes or as a single bake in a large dish.

Using ground almonds instead of flour makes a real difference too, so light and autumnal!

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“Anything Goes” Cookies

I came across this recipe when I had 75g of butter left and needed to use it up before I left my house at uni for the summer. I have made this recipe a few times and it makes very impressive cookies.

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Gingerbread Brownies


I fancied making these as I love brownies and I love gingerbread. What could be better than combining in the two products together?

I made this cake for work and it proved to be popular. (I was particularly thankful for this as I had never tried this recipe before and wasn’t totally sure that it would work!)

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